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Scaling Scrum - SAFe or LeSS, or none of them?


7 minute read

Scaling Scrum is a big discussion point in the community of Agilists. Here are a few experiences to consider when scaling SCRUM to multiple teams. Most peopl...


1 minute read

We just brought live the new site of, which was my biggest SCRUM project up to now. Here are my first learnings from this project:

SCRUM and PRINCE2 – again


less than 1 minute read

I found a slideshow on integrating scrum with classical project management which is much more elaborate than my post a few weeks ago – looks interesting.

Introducing SCRUM - ideas for a process backlog


4 minute read

In a recent project, I had to bootstrap a SCRUM environment – so the question is where do you start? One way of course is to get everybody on a SCRUM trainin...